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Editor / Cinematographer / Creative Director



One of the first memories I can remember as a kid, is going to the movie theater. The environment was electric. The aroma of popcorn filling the air, the buzz of excitement from moviegoers waiting to get into the next showing of the big movie that weekend. The stories on screen opened up a world of possibilities that I didn't know existed, and transported me to other worlds. From that moment on, I was hooked. I kindled my love of movies and storytelling by going to film school in Philadelphia. Who would have known that would lead me to finding the true love of my life, Mark. With Mark, my puppy Mouse, and a camera by my side, I am ready to take on anything.

You can check out my editing reel here.  



Designer / Cinematographer / Creative Director



I've always been a visual person. Raised in a household full of design, art, and culture, nobody was surprised when I decided to pursue a career in graphic design. I also grew up on a healthy diet of music and stories. All of these things meant a lot to me, but I never considered the possibility of bringing them together until I met Courtney. Her passion for filmmaking was contagious, and it led me down a surprising path. While design will always be my core, I've had a blast learning about content creation and the craft of shaping stories. From collaborating on spec ads to branding a travel blog to filming a documentary and writing a feature, every day is a new adventure with a new story to tell. 

You can view my design portfolio here.  






We're based in NYC but we love to travel. We'll go anywhere nationally and internationally to capture your special event.

Courtney is a seasoned film editor and Mark is a seasoned graphic designer and art director. We both love to put these skills to hard work when we make your pieces. Also, Courtney used to work with Beyoncé!

We offer a variety of fun add on films such as wedding teaser, save the date, proposal, love story, honeymoon, full ceremony, dance floor music videos, rehearsal dinner coverage, and more.

We cover more than weddings! We also do a variety of events and cinematography such as Live Events, Lifestyle Videos, Real Estate Videography, Branded Content, Social Videos, and more.

We offer camera rentals. Hit us up for more info!

Our name is a nod to the song Electric Feel by MGMT. If you play it during your wedding or event, we'll take $50 off your package. 😉